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Honolulu Semi-Truck LawyerIt is well-known that commercial trucking is considered the lifeblood of transportation for merchant goods in America. Large trucks fill our highways and local roads as they transfer cargo, freight, and products from manufacturers to wholesale or retail operations. This means a monumental number of large vehicles on the roadways in Hawai‘i. This poses an important problem when it comes to safety and accidents in Honolulu. If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a semi-truck accident, reach out to a Honolulu trucking accident attorney for answers to your personal injury claim questions. Call Potts & Potts today at (808) 537-4575.

Why Trucking Accidents Happen

There are many reasons why semi-truck accidents can occur. Some of the most common are:

  • Driver fatigue – Truck drivers are subject to grueling deadlines and not all companies adhere to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s regulated guidelines for rest and drive times.
  • Speeding – Transportation trucks are large in size and extremely heavy, and as such, when they neglect to pay attention to posted speed limits they are less likely to slow down or stop in time to avoid a collision with a car or motorcycle.
  • Distracted driving – Drivers spend a lot of time in their trucks and may not follow strict rules while they attempt to eat to save time, or when they want to contact their families while driving. Bluetooth devices help in this regard, however, drivers still get distracted.
  • Unbalanced loads – Improperly loaded trucks, or when a driver or loader fails to balance the load, it is an inherently increased risk for an accident. Tipping or rollover accidents are substantially more common when trucks are improperly loaded or when freight shifts in transit.
  • Jackknife accidents – A jackknife event occurs when the trailer behind a semi-truck slides out of position into a “V” formation. This can potentially cause serious injury to motorists in and around the path of the jackknifing truck. In some instances, there is little or no notice that this event is occurring.
  • Mechanical failure or vehicle defects – Many companies have regular maintenance schedules for their vehicles, others do not. In some instances, even well-maintained trucks are subject to faulty upkeep or even manufacturer defects. This can result in mechanical failure and, ultimately, unforeseen accidents and devastating injuries.
  • Blind spots – It is no surprise that tractor-trailers have large blind spots since the driver cabs themselves sit high above the height of a normal vehicle and their trailers are considerably longer. This makes it that much more difficult to see other vehicles on the road around them.
  • Poor driver training – According to The Washington Post there is a shortage of professional truck drivers in the United States. This can translate into delays in product delivery, higher product prices, and also companies hiring drivers who lack the necessary experience to safely operate their vehicles.

Negligence in Hawai‘i Truck Accidents

Generally, in personal injury suits, it is critical to prove negligence. Legal negligence is four-fold. One must establish the following elements.

  • Duty: the defendant owed the plaintiff a duty of care;
  • Breach of Duty: the defendant failed to meet that duty;
  • Cause in Fact: but for the defendant’s failure, the plaintiff would not have been injured; or Proximate Cause: the defendant’s failure (and not something else) caused the plaintiff’s injury; and
  • Damages: the plaintiff has actually been injured and suffered some loss.

In trucking accidents, negligence is not always crystal-clear. Additionally, Hawai‘i has specific conditions of law, such as comparative negligence whether it is a car or truck accident.  This is where a Honolulu car accident attorney can help.

Getting Help For Your Truck Accident Claim

After a Honolulu truck accident, you will most likely have a lot of unanswered questions. Who is responsible? What do I do now? How can I pay my medical bills? What about my family? Don’t leave your situation to chance. It is important to know that insurance companies (even your own!) are not on your side. They are predominantly only interested in closing your claim as quickly, and for as little as possible. Let our legal professionals investigate and present your case under Hawai‘i personal injury law. We make it our goal and mission to obtain the best possible outcome for your claim. Settlement before trial is possible, but we always prepare each case as if it may go to trial.

Get Legal Guidance From An Experienced Honolulu Truck Accident Attorney

At Potts & Potts, we understand what you are going through and we offer free, initial, compassionate and confidential consultations. We can help guide you throughout the claim process – initial filing through to resolution. We will determine the full amount of damages you are entitled to and be the advocate you need in your corner. Call for your no-obligation consultation today. Contact us at (808) 537-4575 or fill out our convenient online form today. We are standing by to help.