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Maui Fire Victims AttorneysOn August 8, 2023, one of the deadliest fires in U.S. history engulfed the historic city of Lahaina, Maui. The fire decimated the ocean side town, burning over 2,000 acres, including historic buildings and homes. The most tragic part is that more than 100 people have been confirmed dead, a number that is almost certainly going to increase with hundreds of people still feared missing. Our Maui fire victims lawyers are here to help you navigate this devastating situation.

Hurricane Dora brought strong winds to Maui as it passed 500 miles south of the Hawaiian Island. These winds downed at least 30 power lines throughout West Maui. This, along with the dry kindling that was perpetrated by a severe drought in the region, created a toxic cocktail of death and destruction. Despite these warning signs, the Hawaiian Electric Company had no procedure in place for turning off the grid – a common practice in other fire-prone states, like California. If such a procedure was in place, it could have saved countless number of lives. Furthermore, as the fire began to swallow homes in its ravenous path, Maui County emergency officials failed to alert Lahaina residents with its extensive network of emergency sirens, an act that would have saved even more lives. Maui Emergency Management Agency Administrator, Herman Andaya, defended the decision to not sound the all-hazard outdoor warning system, stating during a news conference that he did not regret the decision, saying they are used primarily for tsunamis. Mr. Andaya resigned the following day after a very public backlash to his controversial remarks.

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