Excellent Attorney

“Warm, compassionate, informative, and professional, this attorney obtained for our family a settlement in a medical malpractice case.”

-Carl, Satisfied Client

A Very Difficult Scenario

“Dennis took on a legal problem for me, the Seller, in the form of a broken commercial contract in a legal matter which was the sale of a computer distribution company. The Buyer failed to make good on a consulting contract to me; and further refused payment of the balance of $600,000.00 owed for the purchase of the company. Dennis won a court case in Hawaii, and then assisted in collection of the court judgment of triple damages in the Buyer’s home city of Los Angeles. Dennis employed a unique creative strategy to serve collection papers on the Buyer who had avoided being served for several months, and leveraged the collection papers against a negative public relations campaign threatened in the Wall Street Journal. In short, the Buyer settled on payment in full, as well as all legal fees, I was impressed with Dennis’ thorough handling of the situation and would use him again if I were in a similar bind in the future.”

-Rich, Satisfied Client

Dennis Potts is an Extraordinary Lawyer

“Dennis has represented me in excellent and always satisfactory ways. I very highly recommend him. He is fair and will always be an asset to you.”

-Sandy, Satisfied Client

Excellent Service

“Clearly knowledgeable and experienced, Mr. Potts navigated the system successfully. He was personable, thorough and well reasoned in every action he took. I fell well represented and would trust him to represent me in the future.”

-Satisfied Client


“It wasn’t a large suit, and I was surprised that Dennis settled it for more than I was anticipating. He called me regularly with updates and listened and responded when I had questions for him. It was a pleasure working with him!”

-Judi, Satisfied Client

Settlement for a Trip and Fall

“I slipped on some striping in front of a store, and broke 4 bones in my foot. Dennis was my attorney and was able to get a settlement that covered my medical and hospital bills, plus compensated for the time I was off work. He was easy to work with, responded promptly to my phone calls and very empathetic to my circumstances.”

-Beckie, Satisfied Client

Excellent Professional Service

“I always received professional and outstanding service from beginning to end. I was represented and treated with respect and dignity which resulted in a positive outcome. I would highly recommend with confidence Mr. Potts for legal assistance anytime.”

-Satisfied Client