Rich, Satisfied Client

Posted on October 21st, 2021

A Very Difficult Scenario

“Dennis took on a legal problem for me, the Seller, in the form of a broken commercial contract in a legal matter which was the sale of a computer distribution company. The Buyer failed to make good on a consulting contract to me; and further refused payment of the balance of $600,000.00 owed for the purchase of the company. Dennis won a court case in Hawaii, and then assisted in collection of the court judgment of triple damages in the Buyer’s home city of Los Angeles. Dennis employed a unique creative strategy to serve collection papers on the Buyer who had avoided being served for several months, and leveraged the collection papers against a negative public relations campaign threatened in the Wall Street Journal. In short, the Buyer settled on payment in full, as well as all legal fees, I was impressed with Dennis’ thorough handling of the situation and would use him again if I were in a similar bind in the future.”